This page contains resources for your online class at 9:30 AM CST on October 21, 2022

The night before the class at 9:30 pm we will mix our dough. This is a self guided task and a video demonstration is provided below. It is quite easy, but it is a very important step. Note: You can use instant or traditional active dry yeast.

Instructions, Materials list, Ingredients and Recipe

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Class Schedule

09:30 pm (previous evening):  Mix the dough as per video provided

09:30 am:  Introduction, work with dough to form the loaf

10:00 am:  45 minute break while the dough is rising

10:45 am:  Meet back, preheat oven - questions, answers, discussion

11:15 am:  Bread goes in oven

11:45 am:  Check bread, remove from Dutch oven to finish baking

12:00 pm:  Bread is out of the oven, end of class