CAD $35

These are so tasty it's ridiculous. You won't believe you didn't get them at a professional bakery. Detailed materials, ingredients, recipe and step by step instructions will be emailed to participants upon registration.  Live online class, approx. 4 hours in length (with breaks). 

Required Class Materials:

Kitchen scale - highly recommended (or measuring cups if you do not have a kitchen scale)

Measuring spoons

Large plastic bag or plastic wrap for covering the dough while rising

Wooden spoon

Plastic bench scraper - highly recommended

2 small or medium sized saucepans


Rubber spatula

Large mixing bowl

Small or medium sized bowls or containers to hold pre-measured ingredients

Rolling pin

Pastry brush

Serrated knife and cutting surface for slicing the dough

Tape measure (optional - for measuring rolled dough)

9x13 glass or other baking dish

A large platter or pan minimum size 9x13

Parchment paper (optional)